The Natural Shoe Store
Covent Garden
Architecture / Retail Interiors / Furniture Design /

Our brief on this project was to create a fresh new look for a brand that acknowledged how it’s customer profile had evolved dramatically from the days when their 1970’s store sold shoes to hippies. Whilst that profile was generally understood to be intellectual, independently-minded, well-travelled and culturally aware, their actual customer base included many newcomers, not necessarily motivated by ethical issues nor fitting into neat consumer categories, but were united in their appreciation of distinctive, stylish, well made and comfortable shoes. 

Our approach was to design a flexible furniture system that referred to the original store’s aesthetic and cultural roots – somewhere between the barns of New England and Sussex.  Admittedly our ‘barn’ drew more on a Scandinavian simplicity, with grey oil- stained oak floors and bleached Douglas Fir with blackened metalwork on the shelving and tables. The architectural shell itself is neutral, like a gallery, letting the shelving framework provide the contextual references. The LED spot-lighting is also from the gallery, providing staging flexibility for product display. Our achievement has been to create a simple, ordered backdrop to product stories, whilst providing a recognisable signature, wherever the brand might be seen in the future.





shopfront facade
  mirror columns
  display tables and trippen wall
  douglas fir shelving